viernes, 18 de mayo de 2007

IN ADITTION 01 | Harold Segura

By Dr. Jung Mo Song

I received an e-mail from a friend a co-worker in Guatemala, a woman friend, who thanks me for the notes from Aparecida and adds, with an affection that I appreciate, that “sometimes they are biased”. She’s completely right. This is the bias of my evangelical militancy, but above all of my friendship and empathy with many Catholic men and women who dream of a different Church of theirs. So, to complete my chronicles, notes or remarks (how will I call them?), I would suggest to you some texts written by Catholic men and women who pray, work and dream of a Church that is more inclusive, more present within the social realities of our peoples, more removed from the past and closer to the new century. The title I will give to these suggestions is simply IN ADDITION.

I’ll start with an excellent text by Dr. Jung Mo Sung, whom I had the pleasure to meet yesterday afternoon in a quick trip to São Paulo. I spent a few hours at the Methodist University (in order to present my book Beyond Utopia, now in its Portuguese translation. Sorry for the commercial) and there I met him. He is one of the Catholic thinkers that deserve my greatest respect and admiration. That’s what I told him when we met yesterday.

Your brother in Christ,


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